Color: Black – Type Out Of A Box With Flexible Silicone Bluetooth Keyboard

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Flexible Keyboard with Bluetooth…  Now you can roll out your keyboard out of its box and type, then roll it back up and put it in your jacket or in your backup..! It will sync instantly with iPad or any Tablet or Computer with Bluetooth capabilities. The keyboard has a soft touch click and it has a full set of 101 keys… Type Out Of A Box With Flexible Silicone Bluetooth Keyboard…Details: Silicone flexible Bluetooth keyboard.Full set of 101 keys. The built-in battery will last for 80 hours. Comes with a USB cable to recharge. Spill-proof and water resistant.Carry in your Backpack’s Side Pocket, Tote Handbag, no bulk space required.Includes storage pouch.A Valuable Gift and a Much-Needed Tool for Everyone!It comes in Blue, Pink, Red, and Black.