Small LCD DVR Mount Car Dash Road Video Camera Recorder

Your Road Safety Guardian!

🚗 Low Profile, Maximum Safety:
Our discreet windshield video camera tucks behind your rear-view mirror, ensuring an unobstructed view for drivers.

 🛡️ Perfect for Families & Commercial Vehicles:
Ideal for family safety and commercial fleet owners, it complies with DOT standards, documenting road conditions and reckless drivers.

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Main Uses for the smallets video cam

Your trusted ally in times of risk, whether it’s theft, accidents, or capturing your memorable journeys.

Road Safety

Record accidents and road incidents for accountability and safety verification – your road companion for peace of mind!

Fraud prevention

Guard against auto insurance fraud with our dashcam. Your vigilant protector against fraudulent claims.

Travel documentation

Preserve cherished memories of your road journeys, capturing landscapes and unforgettable experiences along the way.

Theft evidence

Offering visual evidence of vehicle-related crimes, providing a watchful eye on your automobile’s security.

Insurance claims

Preserve cherished memories of your road journeys, capturing landscapes and unforgettable experiences along the way.

Driving practices

An essential tool for drivers looking to enhance their driving skills, while also recording incidents for future analysis and improvement.

Upgrade your road safety today!

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500 in stock

Your trusted ally in times of risk, whether it’s theft, accidents, or capturing your memorable journeys.

📷 keep a record of everything that may happen to your vehicle, show your videos when you need it 📷

Hear From Satisfied Drivers

Discover what our valued customers have to say about their experiences with our dashcam. Real stories, real safety – read on to see why they trust our product on the road.


Got it pretty quick. Does exactly what they claim.


really nice camera but the included instructions are not worth reading


Very good camera to have in the car .

R Laws

We had an accident & the camera proved that it was the other drivers fault. Saved us thousands in collision repairs.

🚗 The best companion on your journey, get the best evidence of events on the road 🎥


  • Auto REC: on Ignition start (and stop record when ignition off)
  • Unobstructed Drive: Easily Tucks Behind Rear-view mirror of most vehicles. (driver view unobstructed)
  • 30FPS: Competes with major brands in terms of high resolution recording day/night at full 1920×1080 HD Res. (at 30 Frames Per Second)
  • Easy to Use: Records Video/Audio (like a typical camcorder)
  • Clean Date/Time: Clean American Standard Date/Time DD/MM/YYYY (not the typical foreign date/time, also optional)
  • Easy Menus: Easy American Standard Menu Navigation
  • Long Cable: Over 6ft Power Cable to easily conceal in your headliner and down your door frame.
  • USB Charge Port: USB Fast Charge port on back of the power adapter for your mobile phone (so you’re not sacrificing a cigarette lighter port)
  • 3 Finger Size: TinyThree Finger Size Camera Design with One Finger Micro Windshield Mount.
  • Large Storage: Continuous Record Up to 8 hours for those long drives, or it will last you a week if you plan to use it as your daily driver. (before overwriting over old video clips, can be enabled/disabled)
  • Law Friendly: These units are legal in many states due to the nature of their very small size allowing driver to have complete windshield view. It will typically fit behind most rear-view mirrors.

Technical specifications

Recording Video Resolution: HD 1080P (1920×1080) @ 30FPS

Audio Recording: 16bit

Viewer: LCD 1” HD Display viewfinder.

Recording Format: AVI

Recording Modes: Auto Record, Continuous Record

Supported Memory: microSD standard class 4 cards (2GB to 32GB)

Video Storage Capacity: 8 Hour Max

Camera Angle Front-facing: 60° View lens

Time/Date: Optional

Power Supply: 12volts DC via a cigarette-lighter adapter

Color: Matte Black

Weight: 1.89 oz


500 in stock

Simplify legal and vehicle insurance processes with real evidence, showcase your driving.

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Capture every moment, from breathtaking landscapes to unexpected incidents.  Safeguard your journey, simplify insurance claims, and gain the upper hand on the road. Elevate your driving experience.

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500 in stock